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In order to meet an increasingly advanced demand on the innovation-sustainability-realization trinomial, the PRODUCTION / BUILDING PRODUCT cluster focuses the contributions on the topics: – product innovation, in many cases transferred from the industrial sector, where an essential role is determined by both the newperformancesof materials and construction techniques and the evolution of new information tools for the design; – process innovation, where there is an exponential increase of the role played by the production within the construction processes, as well as a complexity and multidisciplinarity of the management of construction, organization, methodology and evaluation processes; – changes in architectural languages, linked with both the changes in housing models and the culture of building: regulatory and context constraints, demanding, environmental and climatic inputs; – regulatory control, with reference to quality and environmental certification systems, process and product, to the advanced qualification of construction products through the CE Marking (Reg 305/211) and to building procedures, deeply modified through several liberalization and simplification decrees.

Pro-temp Coordinator: MASSIMO ROSSETTI Università IUAV di Venezia

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