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The ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE cluster deals with the built environment where, apart from chronological or scalar factors, cultural meanings can be recognized. A heterogeneous field of study, dominated by some aims (knowledge-documentation, conservation, management, use, enhancement) to be faced without any disciplinary delimitation, considering technological innovation and social evolution.
The contributions focus on some declining topics with reference to process and product technologies:
– process reliability, with application of a performance approach to support the various decision-making phases, even from institutional customers (quality of demand);
– project management and scheduled maintenance;
– material and immaterial accessibility;
– health, safety and usability (compatibility of intended use, sustainability);
– application of ICT (Information Communication Technology) and BIM (Building Information Modeling ).
Archaeological sites, rural and vernacular architecture, historical centres and the Twentieth century architecture are particular patterns of architectural heritage studied.
Pro-temp Coordinator : MARIA LUISA GERMANÀ   Università degli Studi di Palermo

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