Cluster Housing 

Coordinator: ELIANA CANGELLI Università di Roma Sapienza

The cluster HOUSING reflects and questions the future of housing, and in particular social housing, by developing research that is able to lead the habits, times and operating methods of the project and construction of housing a little further forward.

The Cluster assumes emerging issues such as behavioural changes, adaptability and multi-purpose nature of residential spaces, the prospects for technological and functional evolution and the redefinition of socio-normative constraints. Starting from these assumptions, and from the awareness of the need to develop a mature ecological vision of living capable of dealing with the world of digital technologies, the Cluster aims to identify new processes and new production methods that can generate innovative construction operations and building tectonics, while promoting forms of co-generation of habitats in harmony with the natural world.

Goals and perspectives
The Cluster’s research will be carried out by broadening and enriching the dialogue with skills and knowledge from different disciplinary fields such as ecology, sociology, anthropology, medicine, economics, philosophy and cybernetics. In this way, starting from the consolidated disciplinary skills acquired, we intend to outline a poly-competent research modality able to redefine its methods and goals and translate the results into operational and design tools according to a “design thinking”.
Keywords: Social Housing, ecology and quality of living, digital technologies, mass customization and architecture on demand, open building


Filippo Angelucci
Eugenio Arbizzani
Paola Ascione
Adolfo F. L. Baratta
Oscar Eugenio Bellini
Mariangela Bellomo
Andrea Boeri
Roberto Bolici
Saveria Olga Murielle Boulanger
Timothy Daniel Brownlee
Eliana Cangelli
Giovanni Castaldo
Alberto Celani
Alessandro Claudi De Saint Mihiel
Ivana Coletta

Michele Conteduca
Laura Daglio
Alberto De Capua
Angelo De Cocinis
Paola De Joanna
Anna Caterina Delera
Lidia Errante
Antonella Falotico
Daniele Fanzini
Dora Francese
Matteo Gambaro
Andrea Giachetta
Elisabetta Ginelli
Elisa Ieie
Rossella Maspoli

Elena Germana Mussinelli
Martina Nobili
Miriam Pappalardo
Spartaco Paris
Massimo Perriccioli
Emanuele Piaia
Gianluca Pozzi
Donatella Radogna
Raffaella Riva
Manuela Romano
Rossella Roversi
Cesare Sposito
Chiara Tonelli
Giulia Vignati
Salvatore Viscuso

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