Environmental Accessibility


Coordinator: ADOLFO BARATTA Università degli Studi Roma Tre


Accessibility is the quality of an environment to ensure an independent life to everyone: it relates to inviolable rights of the person, such as freedom of movement and self-determination, and it is an indicator of the level of social inclusion and quality of life of a community. In architecture, accessibility means the ability of spaces, goods, and services to be useable , that means identifiable, reachable, understandable, and accessible independently, in comfort and safety, by anyone included all the sensory and cognitive issues of all kind of people.



– Accessibility and usability of open spaces, urban areas and residential buildings.

– Physical and multisensory accessibility of cultural, historical and landscape assets.

– Building systems, components, and industrial products consistent with Universal Design, Assistive Technology and Adaptive Technology principles.

– Accessibility to communication, information and mobility methods, consistent with the logic of urban regeneration and Urban Design.

– The interpretation of inclusive accessibility legislation.

– Regulatory coordination between safety and accessibility.



The Cluster promotes initiatives (research, dissemination and teaching) that aim to achieve a culture of inclusiveness and suitability in use for the widest possible range of people, consistent with the most specific design methodologies.



Inclusivity; accessibility and availability; usability; environmental well-being; sensory.


Maria Beatrice Andreucci
Emilio Antoniol
Vitangelo Ardito
Erminia Attaianese
Adolfo F. L. Baratta
Elena Bellini
Roberto Bosco
Laura Calcagnini
Cristiana Cellucci
Massimiliano Condotta
Christina Conti
Maria De Santis
Elena Frattolin

Elena Giacomello
Francesca Giofre’
Angela Lacirignola
Antonio Magari
Michele Marchi
Massimo Mariani
Lucia Marincigh
Luca Marzi
Mickeal Milocco Borlini
Giuseppe Mincolelli
Eletta Naldi
Nicola Panzini
Ambra Pecile

Vito Quadrato
Rosaria Revellini
Linda Roveredo
Rossella Roversi
Lorenzo Savio
Nicoletta Setola
Andrea Tartaglia
Valeria Tatano
Dario Trabucco
Luca Trulli
Renata Valente
Luigi Vessella

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