Call for Abstract: Resilient Built Environment for Sustainable Mediterranean Countries

ResilientBuiltEnvironment pic

E’ stata pubblicata la call for abstract del convegno della serie “Sustainable Built Environment” (SBE) che verrà ospitato presso il Politecnico di Milano, campus Leonardo, dal 3 al 6 settembre 2019. Il titolo del convegno è “Resilient Built Environment for Sustainable Mediterranean Countries” e approfondirà le seguenti tematiche:
1. Environmental issues relevant to the Mediterranean region and adopted policies, programs regulations and standards within the regional context;
2. Resource efficiency at the building, district and urban level;
3. Innovation in materials, products and systems;
4. Environmentally efficient materials and products and sustainable use of materials;
5. Methods, tools and certification
6. Renovation and performance upgrading of the built environment
7. Integration of renewable energy at building and small urban area scales
8. Issues related to zero and nearly-zero operating and lifecycle emission performance
9. Cost, financing and taxation for high performance + Economic and social externalities
10. Training and education to promote adoption of sustainable approaches
11. ICT for a Sustainable process management


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