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How to ask for SITdA Patronage – General criteria

Art. 1 – Patronage is a manifestation of appreciation and adhesion from SITdA to an initiative considered valid for its cultural, scientific or educational aims.
Art. 2 – Patronage is issued to a single and specific event and cannot be extended to other collateral initiatives or to periods subsequent to the event for which the Patronage has been issued.
Art. 3 – Patronage is issued by the President of the SITdA on his/her own initiative or on the proposal from one or more members of the Board of Directors.
Art. 4 – The applications for patronage must reach the President or Members of the Board of Directors at least 30 days before the date of the event and it must be accompanied by appropriate purposes (fill in the FORM).
Art. 5 – The Board of Directors will check that:
– the promoter is known for the cultural and scientific validity of his/her own initiatives;
– the event is aimed at promoting research, enhancing higher education training, favouring relationships with the academic, research, public administration and business sectors;
– the initiative has a meaningful interest in the skills and strategic aims of the SITdA.
Art. 6 – Patronage is not allowed for initiatives with exclusively commercial or for-profit purposes.
Art. 7 – Patronage issue to an event shall provide, consistent with the structure of the programme, the participation of the President or Vice President or a Member of the Board of Directors or, in the case of impossibility of the previous figures, a SITdA Member delegate, during the introduction phase of the works.
Art. 8 – At the time of the issue, the organizers of the event shall report it with the inscription “under the patronage of SITdA – Italian Society of Architectural Technology”, applying the logo (which will be sent in a JPG format) in all ways of spreading of the programme of the initiative (press releases, posters, brochures, etc.) and send a copy to the following e-mail address:

The Patronage Commission is made up of:

Mario Losasso
Ernesto Antonini

Recent Patronage


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