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Coordinator: ANTONELLA MAMÌ Università degli Studi di Palermo



The cluster focuses on the design of the built environment, as a synthesis of the interaction between its physical, socio-economic and cultural systems. In particular, recovery is implemented according to strategies of reuse, redevelopment and maintenance of building, urban and territorial systems.



  • The principle themes:
  • Governance of the processes of recovery and management/maintenance of the existing;
  • Care of the built environment, and of architectural and urban heritage as a resource;
  • Reuse and redevelopment of buildings, settlement systems and territories;
  • Performance adaptation and maintenance of existing buildings;
  • Intervention technologies and processes with a view to the circularity of resources;
  • Project management and digitisationof processes.

Goals and Perspectives

The prospects are to contribute to processes, methods and tools innovation to increase the quality of settlement systems and mitigate the vulnerability of the built environment, drawing on a network of researchers and stakeholders and referring to the most current urban and community policies.

The start from some priorities: new urban and territorial pressures; thresholds of acceptability of change; management of conservation/transformation relations for the valorisation of building, urban and environmental systems; quality control in processes; intelligent and inclusive innovation as a field for synergic transformations compatible with the identity of territories; digital innovation for intervention on the built environment; countering depopulation processes; health and safety.



Built environment, Valorisation, Reuse, Maintenance, Redevelopment, Governance of the processes, Digitisation



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