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Coordinatore: MASSIMO ROSSETTI Università IUAV di Venezia



In the scenario of a construction sector made more and more complex by changes in large-scale socio/economic variables, the cluster places at the center of its activities the analysis, evaluation and critical reflection of the dynamics of innovation involving materials, products and building processes.



The main topics of interest involve:

- product innovation: analyzing trends and interpreting changes in the performance profiles of construction materials and construction and production techniques, with particular reference to possible integrations and hybridizations;

- process innovation: investigate the growing complexity of constructive, organizational and evaluation methods and processes, with particular reference to the relationship between production processes and design, also in relation to market transformations and the evolution of expressive languages ​​and codes;

- regulatory frameworks: monitor the evolution of legislation on product and process quality and sustainability and contribute to its updating, with particular attention to environmental performance and the consistent regulation of architectural production activities.



With reference to the topics of interest, the cluster has as its main objective the critical analysis of the dynamics and the crucial role of innovations in materials, techniques and building processes, in order to orient the architectural project towards the circularity of resources and decarbonization of the construction sector.



Building production, building product, construction techniques, regulatory process, construction circularity.

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