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Coordinatore: ADOLFO BARATTA Universit√† degli Studi Roma Tre



Accessibility is the quality of an environment to ensure an independent life to everyone: it relates to inviolable rights of the person, such as freedom of movement and self-determination, and it is an indicator of the level of social inclusion and quality of life of a community. In architecture, accessibility means the ability of spaces, goods, and services to be useable , that means identifiable, reachable, understandable, and accessible independently, in comfort and safety, by anyone included all the sensory and cognitive issues of all kind of people.



- Accessibility and usability of open spaces, urban areas and residential buildings.

- Physical and multisensory accessibility of cultural, historical and landscape assets.

- Building systems, components, and industrial products consistent with Universal Design, Assistive Technology and Adaptive Technology principles.

- Accessibility to communication, information and mobility methods, consistent with the logic of urban regeneration and Urban Design.

- The interpretation of inclusive accessibility legislation.

- Regulatory coordination between safety and accessibility.



The Cluster promotes initiatives (research, dissemination and teaching) that aim to achieve a culture of inclusiveness and suitability in use for the widest possible range of people, consistent with the most specific design methodologies.



Inclusivity; accessibility and availability; usability; environmental well-being; sensory.


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