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Cluster Designing for the community

Coordinatore: TERESA VILLANI Universit√† di Roma Sapienza



The cluster is part of the Architectural Technology with a special emphasis on processes, tools and methods of design, observation and monitoring of the community services, aimed at satisfying social needs. These are networked services at the local and national level, with specific reference to the field of hospital, social-health, university, school, sports construction, as well as for well-being and culture.



The cluster, focused on activities that are crucial for the relationship between services and communities, supports the innovation of methodologies and tools useful for rethinking the community services, through operative solutions for efficient services in the intended area, through a cohesive understanding of specific social, economic, health and environmental issues.



The goal of the cluster is to provide experiences, tools and methods, both at training and research level, aimed at guiding the sustainable planning, design, implementation and management of construction, recovery, reuse, redevelopment and rules compliance of strategic buildings for public use.

The cluster is targeted at public institutions, private entrepreneurship and non-profit associations, with several and articulated local cues, activating modes of participation and sharing objectives, thanks also to the research group potential, spread within the national territory.

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